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Our mission is to protect and conserve rhino populations in the general Waterberg biosphere area in order to preserve the natural environment and benefit local communities through the enhancement of general security, education and sustainable social upliftment.

Save the Waterberg Rhino was started in November 2012 in association with the Waterberg biosphere and We had one mission;  to help raise awareness and support for the war against rhino poaching. Save the Waterberg Rhino enjoys a close working relationship with many recognised role players, their opinion and experience proving invaluable when identifying projects and allocating funds.
Supporting Rhino owners ,Private Reserves and General security in the Biosphere is a primary objective and as such, the majority of our resources are channelled in this direction.


  • To help protect and conserve rhinos in the general Waterberg Biosphere Reserve area.

  • To secure the Waterberg area in order to make it a no-go area for poachers

  • To protect the Waterberg area by enhancing security and reducing crime for all community members.

  • To enable and encourage the sharing of information, experience and skills between different organisations and service providers within the Waterberg and beyond, while at all times working within the guidelines of the National Needs Analysis.

  • To channel funds raised towards the most effective methods of protecting rhinos and the natural environment.

  • To provide social and wildlife education for members of the local community, in order to enhance their lives and to see the value of rhinos to jobs and the prosperity of the area.

  • To raise awareness of the need to protect rhinos and communicate the work of Save the Waterberg Rhinos.

  • By drawing on the input and guidance of respected rhino specialists and colleagues, while at all times working within the guidelines of the National Needs Analysis.

  • By supporting, wherever possible, existing rhino protection projects which fulfil our necessary qualifying criteria.




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