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Dear Rooiberg Area Landowner or representative,

The Rooiberg Sector Fire Protection Association are proud to announce that after months of negotiations it was finally approved by Working on Fire (WoF) to base a team in Rooiberg after the closing down of the Polokwane team on 22 November 2016. The team will support mainly landowners within the Rooiberg and Leeupoort Sectors of the Thabazimbi Fire Protection Association (TFPA) but will if the need arise assist other sectors as well and only if and when the situation in our immediate area does not impose any threat.

The 18 new candidates reside from within the Rooiberg Community and will be based at the office of Rooiberg Bewaria, 9 Maroela Street, Rooiberg. The new team will be supported by a Crew Leader Type 2, Ronny Teffu, Crew Leader Type 1, Forster Mabeba and designated driver Aaron Maenetsa and 3 highly qualified and experienced firefighters from Polokwane who will render vital support to the new recruits. Operational planning and requests for assistance will be manage by Annelie Steyn from Rooiberg Bewaria and Secretary for the RFPA.


  • Team Name - Rooiberg (based at Rooiberg Bewaria office)

  • Physical Address: no. 09 Maroela Street, Rooiberg

  • Base Partner - Thabazimbi FPA

  • Crew Leader Type 1 - Foster Mabeba (076 746 8372)

  • Base Manager - Annelie Steyn (072 239 2742 OR 014 734 1734)

  • E-mail:

  • Regional Manager - David Maake

  • GOM - Sello Kobe

  • Bus - TB 43

  • Driver - Aaron Maenetsa

The main focus of the team will be on firefighting efforts, fire prevention and protection but will and can be requested to assist landowners with and during fire breaks, clearing of roads shoulder, block burns, bush clearing, fire belts, clearing of alien plants, etc. Secondary focus will be on fire prevention and education amongst the youth and community. They will also assist with clearing of the veld area adjacent to the houses in the Rooiberg Village as part of the fire prevention and education programme.

Training of the new candidates commenced on 23 November 2016 until 20 December 2016 in Nelspruit at the WoF Academy where after the successful trainees will officially start with their duties on 2 January 2017.

During the first month the recruits will mainly be utilised to clear the veld area around the houses in Rooiberg Village, fire prevention and education in the Rooiberg Community but will be available to assist with firefighting operations if the need arise.

We urge all landowners to support this team, their command structure and to be patient as this is a new team and they will require your support to make this team a success and a team to be proud of.

RFPA wishes to express their gratitude towards Rooiberg Bewaria for their support and willingness to make available office space for a WoF Rooiberg Team at the Emergency Community Centre in Rooiberg.

“It always seems impossible until its done”-

Nelson Mandela


Should you require more info, please feel free to contact this office

M: +27 76 169 3831 T: +27 14 717 1890 F: +27 86 560 5914

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