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Updated: Jun 14, 2018

Dear Member, Landowner and Friends,

It is indeed a shock to take note of the MASSIVE increase of farm attacks in the 2016-17 period. Unfortunately everyone in our community of farm owners and farm workers is vulnerable to being a potential victim, no-one is safe.

At Rooiberg Bewaria we have focussed our efforts on anti-poaching, security and crime prevention in all its forms. As part of this strategy Bewaria has deployed 8 filter points “boom gates” in order to monitor access, on a 24/7 basis, into our area of influence. Necessity requires the expansion of Bewaria with discussions underway to include a further two filter points in the near future.

These filter points are backed up by patrol units with a 24-hour response capability. In collaboration with the SAPS a Rural Safety Forum was established for the Rooiberg Area, which collaborates closely with other Rural Safety Organisations in the Waterberg.

The result of all these actions is a significant decline in all forms of crime in our area.

As you can imagine, these efforts cost a great deal of money and the current model employed by Rooiberg Bewaria is not sustainable without the support of all stakeholders in the area. Currently only 50% of landowners are contributing members of the Bewaria. With the ever-increasing sophistication of criminals and greater innovative methods employed by them, the security model must improve at all times in order to be even more pro-active in the crime prevention effort.

Taking the above into consideration we implore all in the Rooiberg Bewaria area who have not yet joined the Organisation to please do so. All of us should be members and join forces to secure our farms, instead of becoming part of the statistics.

Please contact Rooiberg Bewaria Manager Piet Kok for any enquiries – 083 227 1606 or email: Annelie Becker will be contacting you in the near future regarding membership and contributions.

Be safe Kind regards


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